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Calarramona Arts & Crafts was born in march 2008. We are an artist community sharing an old workshop, working for emancipation, learning from multidisciplinarity and helping to weave the cultural scene.

The old building we share is located in the center of Sabadell and is composed of  8 studios and a common area. Every artist is dedicated to his own artistic project but is encouraged to participate in a common goal to promote collaborative synergies.

This is a selfmade project  not vinculated with goverment institutions. The energy to run this community comes from each artist and participant. 

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The main objective of Calarramona is to advance cultural exchange between artists from all over the world to the local. To this aim, from may 2013, we have started a 3 to 12 months artist-in-residence in a very special apartment inside the building. We engage artists of all disciplines  of art (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video, film, sound, multi media, theatre, dance, schenography...) to live and work for three, up to twelve months in Calarramona. Artists-in-residence is therefore an ideal opportunity for concentration on work, reflection, research and discussion.

The residence links a quiet two-story apartment with one of the studios availables on that moment, depending also on the needs of the artist. The apartment is completly furnished and very confortable. It has a lot of light and is equiped with a wood stove and air conditioning.

The apartment of Calarramona is 50sqm separed in two flats by a wood stairs of 25sqm each.

On the first floor, there is a nice living room convined with an equiped kitchen with dishwasher. Next to the stairs, there is a shower with a sink and a washing machine. All the floor is made of wood and has three big windows that give a lot of light. In winter is cold, but there is a gas stove and recently we have installed a wood stove (not in the pictures).

In the second floor is located the bedroom and the studio. The bed is doble and there is a lot of place in the wardrobes, shelves and cabinets. The studio area is separated of the bedroom by a courtain and has a long table in an "L" shape. The router is there for all the building, so internet can be connected by cable o wifi. There are also 3 windows with a lot of light and the flooring is made of parquet.

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Second floor. Bedroom + Studio
Second floor. Bedroom + Studio
Second floor. Bedroom + Studio
Second floor. Bedroom + Studio
First floor. Living rooom + kitchen
First floor. Living rooom + kitchen
First floor. Living rooom + kitchen
First floor. Living rooom + kitchen
Claudia Permanyer painting industrial design

The rent as per the first of June 2013 is 375€ per month, which includes internet and water. The costs of electricity and heating is not included and a deposit of 375€ will be demanded at the arrival. When two persons stay in the apartment the rent is 25€ more per month.

It's possible to use the apartment to both live and work in. However, the apartment is not suitable for large or dirty work. It is possible to rent a studio in convination with the apartment. In that case we offer a discount of 25% in the rental price of the studio. Right now we have a 60sqm studio equiped with scupture tools and woodcarving for 200€ (150€ with the discount).

Artists who are interested in applying to the Residency are invited to send a portfolio and the project they want to develop during their residency to
The apratment is occupied until 31th of may 2013.

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